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The Legend of Danny Boy CD

This unique ‘talking book’ and song CD brings to life the fascinating history behind the famous Danny Boy name.

Narrated by local story teller Peter McCune, the Danny Boy Legend travels back to the 1600’s to one of the most picturesque areas in all Ireland – the Roe Valley and the town of Limavady. Limavady means 'The Leap of the Dog'.

This Legend of Danny Boy CD tells how the O’Cahan’s had a number of strongholds in the area but ruled their territory from The Dog Leap castle on a cliff overhanging the River Roe. The story tells how the bravery of one of the clan dogs contributed to the castle name and the name of the town.

The Legend tells of the O’Cahan Clan and their proud Chieftain Donnell Ballagh O’Cahan. It relates how they lost their lands during the plantation period in Ulster and how this noble last chief of the Clan ended his days as an untried prisoner in the Tower of London.

It relates how his beautiful young wife Honora and their baby son were thrown off their lands onto the infertile uplands surrounding the Roe Valley by Sir Thomas Philips, a devious man sent over from England to oversee the Plantation of Ulster.